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Lycoris announces Desktop/LX Pocket PC Edition
New Linux-based OS to support handheld computing on the Sharp Zaurus and Compaq iPAQ platforms

All information available at this time is for the preproduction version of our new Linux-based operating system for handheld computing, Desktop/LX Pocket PC Edition.  We expect to support most Sharp Zaurus and Compaq iPAQ handheld devices. This product is not currently shipping.  At this time we expect to ship Desktop/LX Pocket PC Edition in the third quarter of 2004.

A working preproduction version was demonstrated on January 23, 2004 at LinuxWorld Expo in New York. Desktop/LX Pocket PC Edition will be further demonstrated at trade shows around the US as more features are integrated, and additional developers are announced.  Check back periodically for updates regarding the progress of development.

Desktop/LX Pocket PC Edition will include the following:

  • Linux-based kernel
  • Currently using Linux kernel version 2.4.18
  • Wired, USB, infrared, and Wi-fi (80211.b) networking, including integration with Windows Networking via our popular Network Browser application
  • Full HTML and CSS4 Web browsing and POP3 e-mail applications
  • Playback of popular audio, video, and streaming media formats
  • Synchronization with popular Desktop operating systems, including Desktop/LX Personal, Professional, and Tablet Editions
  • Input via gesture-based handwriting recognition
  • Input via on-screen keyboard, built-in touchscreen, pickboard, and physical keyboard (on select devices)
  • Support for select StrongArm and XScale based processors & chipsets
  • Adobe .PDF File Viewer
  • Personal Information Management applications
  • Contact Manager
  • Calendar Manager
  • To Do List
  • Command Line Console
  • Lycoris Signature WallpapersTM

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For more information, contact the Lycoris Sales Team.

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