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AI2 (A-I-squared) is Lycoris' Advanced Application Integration Infrastructure. In short, it means that the software you install on Desktop/LX will work better on Desktop/LX than on any other platform. AI2 automatically recognizes the software that you install and optimally configures your system to best take advantage of that software. Best of all, it works in the background, without any intervention on your part.

What does this mean?

For end users, AI2 means that Desktop/LX is the best platform for your application software – you receive optimal integration and no extra effort is required. For software vendors, it means that you can make your software work better than your competitor's without having to make any changes to your code base – all that is required are small AI2 integration scripts, which can be included on your product's CD, posted on your web site, or integrated directly into the Desktop/LX Update Wizard by Lycoris.

Free White Paper

Lycoris has conducted an AI2 case study with Netraverse Win4Lin Workstation 5.0. Win4Lin is a program that allows for true Windows® compatibility by allowing Windows to be installed inside a Linux-based operating system. The case study shows the difference AI2 makes by contrasting Win4Lin Workstation on a standard Linux desktop with Win4Lin Workstation on Desktop/LX 1.4 with AI2.

Download the white paper > 

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