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Lycoris Boxed Software Rolled Out at

REDMOND, WA -- Februrary 19th, 2003 -- As another example of leadership in the consumer Linux desktop space, Lycoris is the first alternative operating system company to be selling its boxed products at for under $50 each. Consumers, businesses, and schools can now buy the Desktop/LX OS and the ProductivityPak office suite, as well as pre-order the hot new GamePak directly from Lycoris offers low-cost alternatives to Microsoft's core products and has enabled consumers to buy an entire desktop OS for $29.95 and office suite for $49.95 for the first time from the same company.

The exciting new Desktop/LX operating system includes the following incredible software features without any additional downloading:

  • With support for over 170 Digital Cameras, 850 printers and scanner support, your digital pictures jump to life
  • Includes a full photo editing suite with over 25 filters, layers, transparency, and capable of opening and saving select Photoshop® files
  • Pump up the volume with Ogg Vorbis, MP3, CDs and WAV digital music, streaming music, playlists, and online music database access
  • Be productive right out of the box with the included Word Processor, Address book, Calendar, Spreadsheet and Presentation software
  • Watch DivX, AVI, Mpeg, files and other formats full screen with dynamic sound
  • Communicate digitally via email, AOL® instant messages, and relay chat
  • Send and view digital faxes
  • Pre-configured with RealPlayer®, Flash® plugin, Java® and Acrobat Reader®, the built in Web Browser gives you an interactive Internet experience
  • Burn and rip your own music CD's and backup your data onto CD-R or CD-RW
  • Maximize your home network by viewing shared files with the Network Browser
  • Simple right click file sharing
  • Built-in Firewall for air-tight Internet security
  • Data snapshot, backup, and recovery program for configuration changes
  • Video Recovery mode
  • Use Desktop Sharing to export your desktop for remote control or demonstrations on the network
  • Powerful Remote Assistance included for fixing problems via the Internet
  • 10 games including Tetris®, Solitaire, Galaga®, and Asteroids®
  • Take the Desktop/LX Product Tour

All this software is included for the $29.95 price with no hidden charges or additional fees. Another added feature of Desktop/LX is unlimited access to the Iris Software Gallery with each Desktop/LX purchase, where users can download hand-picked software with one click. Choose from categories like Internet and Networking, Productivity, Games and Puzzles, Pictures and Photos, Music and Movies, Accessories, Desktop and Appearance, and System Tools. Desktop/LX makes installing new software easy and fun.

Desktop/LX comes with software like a photo editor right out of the box because users shouldn't have to waste time downloading megabytes of software just to make their computer useful. On top of that, you get unlimited access to the Iris Software Gallery included for enhancements, instead of having to pay for software you could already find on the Net," states Joseph Cheek, the Founder and President of Lycoris.

Complementing this new OS is the Lycoris ProductivityPak office suite, which is also available at This exciting software package includes Lycoris Office, Lycoris PDASync Palm Pilot synchronization tool, and hundreds of labels and templates for 15 percent of the cost of Office XP. The ProductivityPak runs on Desktop/LX and provides read and write compatibility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, plus over twenty other formats.

Features of the ProductivityPak include:

  • ProductivityPak Installer for easy installation
  • Lycoris Writer
  • Lycoris Spreadsheet
  • Lycoris Presents
  • Lycoris Artist
  • Lycoris Web Writer
  • Lycoris PDASync Palm Pilot synchronization tool
  • Read and write Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents
  • Hundreds of labels and templates
  • Mail merge
  • Auto spell check and thesaurus in all Lycoris Office applications
  • Integrated look and feel with simplified toolbars and hotkeys
For a complete tour, please visit

Embracing the growing customer demand for gaming products, Lycoris and are making the new GamePak available for pre-sale. The hot new Lycoris GamePak gaming suite includes five full action-packed games in the trademark Lycoris easy install package, plus access to WineX, TransGaming Technologies' cross platform gaming software that gives users the ability to play over 200 Windows games on Desktop/LX. The GamePak includes Racer in-car racing action, Possible Worlds underwater adventure, BZFlag networked tank battle game, FreeCiv civilization strategy game, and Falcon's Eye for the dungeon gamer. At the affordable price of $34.95, gamers get five times the action for the price of a single game. For a complete tour, please visit

About Lycoris

Lycoris, located in Redmond, Washington, was founded in 2000 with a vision of making Linux simple enough for everyone, and pioneered the Linux-based home-user desktop. Lycoris packages Open Source applications for the consumer market and integrates them into Desktop/LX, its simple, robust OS. Lycoris has enjoyed amazingly positive press coverage inTime Magazine and other publications as the provider of the best Linux desktop, whether purchased separately or pre-installed on Desktop/LX PCs sold by For more information please visit the Lycoris website at or contact Lycoris Media Relations at +1 (323) 445-2646


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